Teaching Studio

Matthew is currently a Woodwind Teacher for the Jersey Music Service and teaches students of all ages island-wide.

As a teacher, I am passionate about instilling a love for music in my students by inspiring them toward excellence. As a Christian, my own motivation as a practicing musician is to glorify God through the pursuit of excellence in everything I do. This pursuit includes my approach to music-making and conveying that approach to others. I am passionate about developing the next generation of informed musicians. 

My goal is for my students to attain the skills necessary for success in their respective fields. Being aware that each student has a different career goal is an important factor in my motivation for teaching. Music is such a multi-faceted field, and as a teacher, I strive to embrace the reality that students have varied interests, and continually need guidance and counsel regarding their eventual career path. I feel that no matter what the career path, all students benefit from real-world experience pertaining to business and entrepreneurial skills. Through my experience as a freelance musician and teacher, my goal is to divulge my own experiences in this regard. 

Through all this contextual life wisdom, I strive to develop musicians with the skills necessary to successfully participate in solo, chamber, and orchestral performances at an advanced level. With a focus on perfecting basic techniques on their instrument, they will grow in maturity as musicians, learning what it means to play with the musicality and sensitivity necessary for a well-rounded perspective. In addition to this, my students will learn that peripheral context is vital in the successful interpretation of any music being performed. This requires a yearning to obtain knowledge through scholarly study and the acquisition of materials. This includes taking advantage of professional development opportunities, in order to network with other musicians in their field of interest and discover the latest research in an ever-evolving art form. 

In order to achieve my goals for my students, I teach by example in many ways. This includes keeping my performing career active, vibrant, and diverse. Students who see a teacher actively promoting his passion in the workforce are more inclined to strive for the excellence that their teacher strives for. In order to do this, I actively work on personal projects and collaborations with other musicians in order to present high-quality performances in the public space. Also, the art of recording music is something I value highly and am always looking to pursue. Producing albums based on the projects I actively promote is a teaching tool that I encourage my students with. By extension, my students will have opportunities to gain studio recording experience themselves, providing yet another learning opportunity. 

I feel that, as a teacher, it is my responsibility to instill a passion for learning in my students, in order to equip them for excellence in their fields. This will result in students that are equipped with the skills necessary to build their own personalized platform leading to a successful career and a fulfilling, God-glorifying life. 

I am an accredited UNISA teacher, and actively enroll my students for practical examinations at both UNISA and the ABRSM boards. I also hold a doctorate from the University of California, Los Angeles, and a Teacher’s Licentiate from UNISA.

If you would like to join my studio, with the Jersey Music Service to apply for lessons.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Matthew Lombard (DMA, MMus, BMus, UTLM, DipABRSM)